13×30 Style Challenge


As I might have mentioned, I would often tell myself when getting ready in the morning that “I have nothing to wear.” I often felt overwhelmed when getting ready because a lot of the time, I felt and still sometimes feel like my clothes don't work together. In the past, when I couldn't find something to wear, I would buy new things. To cut costs, I decided to come up with my own personal style challenge, to encourage myself to use the clothing in my closet in a more innovative way.

I've seen the 10×10 style challenge, but I wanted to be able to challenge myself for an entire month, encouraging myself to create new ways to wear items in a minimalist approach. By cutting down the number of items used, I feel I will be able to refine my style to something more personal and sustainable. However, there are two ground rules I set for myself in the 13×30 style challenge.

  1. 13 items to create 30+ outfits. I've selected a variety of items (pants, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters/jackets, dresses) that will be dependent on the season. Right now, it's getting cold every once and a while in Texas, but it's still relatively warm most days. This means I layer a lot. Also, shoes and accessories are not included in the 13 items.
  2. Swaps can be made, but only in case of emergencies! Like I mentioned, Texas has crazy weather. If, one day, I wake up and it's 30 degrees out (yes it's happened), I will likely put on a heavier coat. I also recently ordered a new black dress that I will be swapping with the swing dress I'm wearing in my first #13x30style post. The current dress is a bit ratty and needed to be replaced. But follow the “one in, one out” rule. 13 items max!

From there, it's all about new ways to create a different look.

Here are the items for my first installment of my 13×30 Style Challenge, and be sure to follow along on Instagram!


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