Say “No” to Resolutions

Basically, I'm terrible at keeping resolutions. I haven't really been shy about that. I am one of the 95% of people who break them in the first month. Why do people fail at keeping them? Because many of the goals they set are vague or unrealistic, and they have no accountability to maintain them. 

Why do I say “No” to resolutions?

I don't really believe in resolutions. The term, “New Year's Resolutions” kind of sets you up for failure. Instead of your resolutions being “firm decisions to do or not to do something (Google ‘resolution', you'll find that definition word-for-word.),” it's more like an ideal goal that you may achieve or not achieve. It's just something you're trying to do. 

I know automatically when people say, “I want to lose weight” as their New Year's Resolution that, chances are, they probably aren't going to achieve it. Now here's where I'm going to go all “social worker” on you.

Instead of Resolutions, set SMART Goals

What are SMART goals, you ask?


This means you need to make your goals as specific as possible with measurable progress points. Your goal needs to be attainable and realistic, and by setting a specific date you want to do it by, you'll work under a deadline. Why? Because it lights a fire under you, forcing you to kick it into high gear and take your goals seriously. 

It also means you ditch those vague goals you set for yourself every year. Instead, try setting smaller, monthly goals for yourself so you can conquer more in a year instead of just one thing. 

Instead, try setting smaller, monthly goals for yourself with specific time frames so you can conquer more in a year instead of just one thing. 

Back to our example. The vague goal is, “I want to lose weight.” Well, how much weight? How long are you giving yourself to lose it? What are you going to do to lose the weight? How will you measure that you're losing the weight?

All of these questions are forcing you to realize that, “I want to lose weight” will be an extremely daunting task if you haven't thought through how you're actually going to do it. A SMART goal would be something like this:

I want to lose 15 pounds by March 14th. I will be running, following the Paleo diet and I will weigh myself once a week. 

SMART goals tell you what you're going to do, but more importantly how you're going to do it. So I've created a freebie for you all. Download your free, SMART goal planning guide and achieve everything you want to this year. Don't start this new year with lofty hopes and aspirations. Set your goals and develop your plan of attack to achieve them.

This year, say no to resolutions and say “yes” to achieving your goals! 

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