I Lost 500 Followers on Instagram in One Day and I Don’t Care

Instagram is either a blogger's favorite social platform or the bane of their existence. I have seen so many other bloggers stay stuck at a specific number despite putting in a strong effort to produce quality comment. There are so many complaints about the algorithm and many more courses on how to beat it.

And I have also struggled with gaining followers on Instagram. I've struggled with the comparison of myself to other people who started blogging around the same time I did. A lot of those ladies have huge followings now, which is totally deserved because of the hard work they put into it. But the “that could have been me” thoughts still creep in.

i lost 500 followers on instagram

How I lost 500+ Followers on Instagram

All of these thoughts came to a head yesterday. I was watching YouTube videos while at my full-time job. I'm a social media coordinator, so I had an actual reason to be on YouTube! But I came across this video from a fellow blogger, Austen Tosone. She was explaining that part of what helped her authentically grow was deleting the spam followers that can accumulate.

In my almost 5 years of blogging, I have never checked to see if there was any spam in my followers on Instagram. So I went and looked.


Not only did I have a ton of spam followers, but there were also a ton of men following me. Now I have nothing against men following me on social media. The problem is that my target audience is women. My content is mainly for women. It was also a problem because they weren't actually engaging in my content.

Up until this point, the number of followers on Instagram really mattered to me. Until I saw the sheer amount of spam. I started removing people left and right. I was kind of upset. HereI was investing my time and effort into creating content and getting no return on it. So I started removing followers on Instagram that looked like spam or had inactive accounts. Once I started, I couldn't stop.

The Freedom of Losing Followers

Once I was finished, I had a momentary freakout. I went from almost 1800 followers to under 1300 in an hour. But when I saw exactly who I was losing, I was so happy. These weren't real followers. These weren't people who cared about a minimalist lifestyle, and they weren't interested in ethical and sustainable fashion. These were bots that were created to inflate influencers' following numbers. I don't want numbers. I want community.

Having 500 less “followers” that don't really care about ethical and sustainable fashion is a weight lifted off of me. I can create my content for people who really care about this topic or are interested in learning more. I've been thinking about it like this: I've Marie Kondo-ed my Instagram followers. I've kept the ones that bring me joy in hopes that I can also bring you joy with my content. If you want to be a part of that community, you can follow along here.

If you're an influencer who is struggling with comparison or trying to keep up, you're not alone. There are thousands of aspiring bloggers who want to go from 0 to 500,000 and have great engagement, but forget about the hustle it takes to get there. Your value isn't in your numbers. It's in the community you're cultivating. If that's filled with spam, you'll never have that community.

You were created with a purpose. Don't lose sight of that purpose by focusing on the number of followers on Instagram. 

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  • If I were to pick a favorite outfit of the week, it would probably be Tuesday’s. The office I work in gets really cold, so even though it’s in the 70’s in Texas, I have to dress warmer for work. Anyone else work in an icebox? ❄️
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  • Is it bad that I kind of want it to get super cold again so I can wear this coat? 🙈 I got it at a vintage shop in Deep Ellum called @fleastyle. It’s been in the 70’s all week in DFW, which means it’s officially time for me to switch my closet over to spring. Would y’all like to see a post on the blog about switching over your closet? Let me know in the comments! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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  • Sooooooo I didn’t get the chop... yet! Why? Because this was my first time having a new stylist cut my hair in about 10 years. I would have gotten it cut before I moved, but I didn’t realize how bad of shape it was in! How long have you gone to your hair stylist? 
I highly recommend Liz at @metsalonco in Plano! She completely understood and put my fears at ease. I’ll be seeing her again in a couple months to do something a little more drastic! 😉
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  • Should I cut my hair short? Leave a 💇‍♀️ or 🙅‍♀️ in the comments! .
I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I’m trying to decide if I should keep it long or get a lob. .
You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit http://liketk.it/2AIrY
  • Yesterday, I DELETED over 500 😱 followers from my Instagram, and I’m SO HAPPY I did. I took the suggestion from another blogger, @austentosone, to go through my followers and check for spam accounts. I thought I’d have a few, but y’all, it was out of control. •
I really care about community. I create content not only because I love creating things, but because I love sharing them with people who are also interested in sustainable fashion. I want this to be a space where we can talk about ethical and sustainable fashion. A two way conversation. I want my blog to be a resource for people who are seeking a new lifestyle. What are some questions you’ve had about ethical and sustainable fashion? Let me know in the comments below! •
If you’re a fellow influencer who is struggling with comparison and just keeping up with the rest, you’re not alone. Know that your value is NOT found in a number. You are loved. You were created with a purpose. Don’t lose sight of that purpose by focusing on a number. •
Today on the blog, I’m sharing why I deleted all those followers and more about my intention for MINIMALISTA.
  • Who else is happy it’s spring? 🌸
Confession: I still haven’t switched my closet over. My parents are coming to town this weekend, so I’m going to wait until after their visit to switch over. 🌷
Because I still haven’t unpacked my spring clothing, this is a #tbt to my trip to NYC over Labor Day. This top is the Texture & Thread brand at @madewell, and it will definitely be featured again this spring! While this exact print isn’t available anymore, there are some solid ones in beautiful colors. Both of the tops I did find at Madewell are under $40! #LTKunder50 🌼
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  • What is one item you have in your closet that you consistently use? Today, I’m wearing this top I got 7 years ago for spring. It’s amazing how long clothing will last when you take care of it! 
But aside from this top, I don’t have a lot of spring/summer clothing. So yesterday I shared 8 items on my wishlist for spring! You can check that out by going to the link in my profile. 
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  • What do you wear on days where the weather can’t decide what it wants to do? In Dallas today, it’s 60 degrees but gloomy and rainy 🌧 so we can’t go out and enjoy. 
I’ve had this tote from @nisoloshoes for three years now and it’s still the best bag I’ve ever purchased. The exact style isn’t available anymore (the Joann tote), but I’ve linked the Lori tote which is similar! Plus, with @afterpayusa, you can purchase ethically while being a bit easier on the budget! 
You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the @liketoknow.it app! #liketkit http://liketk.it/2ArlX

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