minimalist fashion

I have nothing to wear.

These were the words I was telling myself each morning as I got ready. I would look through my closet and find that I simply had nothing new, nothing innovative, and nothing stylish to wear. So, I decided to clean out my closet.

I was just looking to do some light spring cleaning, so I took everything I owned out of my closet… And it kept piling up and eventually, it filled my entire room. I was shocked that I had accumulated so much stuff. There was clothing I hadn’t touched in years, shoes that I knew weren’t in style anymore… So why did I still have it?

And why did I feel like I had nothing to wear?

It was because I had curated a wardrobe that just didn’t work with each other and filled it with trendy pieces that weren’t going to stay in style forever.

I knew I needed to change.

So I started throwing out, getting rid of and donating all the things I didn’t want or knew I didn’t need. I had over 5 trash bags filled with clothes to trash, sell or donate. I was shocked. But that wasn’t the end of it. This process happened 4 more times.

As I began learning more and more about the minimalist movement, I realized that it wasn’t about having 5 items in your closet that you relied on. It wasn’t about taking the joy of fashion out of your life.

It’s about building a sustainable source of endless outfits with the items in your closet. It’s about purchasing items intentionally to fit your style instead of trolling the clearance rack or major sale.

It’s all about defining who you are and reflecting that through your style.

So join me as I go on my journey to develop my personal style. I hope that it inspires you to begin your own journey!