It all started when I decided to clean out my closet.

I was just looking to do some light spring cleaning, so I took everything I owned out of my closet... And it kept piling up and eventually, it filled my entire room. 

I was shocked that I had accumulated so much stuff. There was clothing I hadn't touched in years, shoes that I knew weren't in style anymore... So why did I still have it? 

And why did I feel like I had nothing to wear?

It was because I had curated a wardrobe that just didn't work with each other and filled it with trendy pieces that weren't going to stay in style forever. 

I knew I needed to change.

So I started throwing out, getting rid of and donating all the things I didn't want or knew I didn't need. I had over 5 trash bags filled with clothes to trash, sell or donate. I was shocked. But that wasn't the end of it.

I knew that I couldn't go down the same road again. Something had to be different this time. 

So I started researching capsule wardrobes and realized that they (capsules, although a loose sense of the word) were the answer to my struggles.

Through creating capsules filled with quality pieces, I can hone in and curate my style and reflect that to people. I can save money over time and, the biggest bonus for me, I can cut down on laundry. ;)

Here at, I'm not going to tell you to stick to a black, white and gray color scheme. It's all about defining who you are and reflecting that through your style. 

My heart behind is to show you how a minimalist style can actually maximize your wardrobe and your budget!